To produce our S-index™ maps we use and derive our own data from various publicly available data sources. All are publicly available and permitted to be used in the matter we use them. Some of them are open source. For some of them, it is required to give attribution and we have therefore listed all our sources. All maps and items in this site are produced by us and most numbers are aggregated from the sources. Therefore all the material we present is owned by Previsions Software Limited. We allow free usage of our maps as long as the maps are provided free of charge and attribution is given to our company and this website as the source.

  • Our World in Data – Details
  • New York Times – Details
  • Swedish National Health Authority – Details
  • Statistics Sweden – Details
  • gov.UK Coronavirus (Covid-19) in the UK – Details
  • Statista – Details
  • – Details – Covid19tracker is supported by IIT Hyderabad
  • covid19tracker is a clone of the original – a complete list of sources
  • If other sources are not available, we may be using data directly from states or from the Indian Health Ministry.